Let me be your preaching friend to help you prepare and deliver Biblical sermons and lessons

Let me be your friend in preaching.

This website is here to help you understand, preach and teach the Bible. You can download and print, free of charge, any of my sermons or lessons. You can also access my archive of sermon videos on YouTube by clicking on the purple box below “My Most Recent Sermons on YouTube”.

If you click on “Resources” above, you’ll find very few “Methods” or “How To” lessons in preaching. If you click on “Sermons”, you’ll find hundreds of sermons. That’s because I believe learning to preach is not a matter of following a bunch of principles, but actually learning by doing—preparing a sermon and practicing it before a live audience! For that reason, I don’t mind if you borrow or steal from my sermons! But I do encourage you, not to copy me, but study the Bible passage or subject for yourself and make it your own! Put it in your own words!

If you dive into any of my sermon series listed above under “Sermons”, you’ll notice that all my sermon manuscripts together for a book of the Bible form a verse-by-verse commentary on that Bible book with anaylsis, synthesis, charts, diagrams, sermon illustrations and life application. Two of the hardest things for any preacher or teacher to find are illustrations and application. You are welcome to use mine!

What can I offer you as a preacher or teacher of God’s Word?

For more than 30 years, God has blessed me to be able to preach and teach the Gospel and the Bible to tens of thousands of folks in public places and in hundreds of churches across the world. God has enabled me to teach and train thousands of pastors, Christian leaders and national missionaries as well as ordinary Christian folks how to preach and teach the Bible and how to do evangelism and discipleship in over 50 countries.

I’m a grad of Dallas Seminary, but I’m not a professor. I’ve translated the Bible, but I still have to study hard to prepare and preach sermons in my church each Sunday. I’m not a great preacher, but I work hard to preach faithfully in a small Bible church in Louisiana. I don’t have all the answers about the Bible or preaching, but I keep studying, learning and practicing to be a better communicator for God’s glory. One of the best compliments I get in my church is that children, young people and unbelievers who attend are able to pay attention and listen to my sermons and understand my preaching because I use clear, plain and simple language.