Preaching and Study Resources

All the materials I have written here are free of charge. You may download and print them to use in your ministry. I only request that you do not charge others to use them.

How to Preach & Teach the Bible

How to Study the Bible

10 Suggestions for Biblical Preaching

Good Study Habits

Set up a Preaching Schedule

How to Listen to a Sermon

Helpful links:

You can read, cut, paste and download, free of charge, the full text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), which I use here in all my sermons, as well as all major Bible translations in English and many foreign languages, along with many other Bible study resources, at:

Dr. Tom Constable, beloved and longtime professor at Dallas Seminary, has the best on-line commentary on every verse in the Bible. You may access Dr. Constable’s Expository (Bible Study) Notes at:

On that church’s website, click on “Resources” and then click on “Constable’s Bible Notes”.