My Sermons

All my sermons in the folders below are free of charge. You may download and print them for your personal use or in your ministry. I only request that you do not charge others for them.

You can find my preaching videos to most of these sermons on my YouTube Channel “Frank Carmical”. To go directly to my YouTube Channel, click on the “Home” Buttom above, and then below my photo, click on the purple box “My Most Recent Sermons on YouTube”. Once you are at my channel, click on “Playlists” to find my sermons on the various books of the Bible and subjects listed here in the folders.

If you Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, then you can choose to be notified whenever I post a new sermon video, which is usually weekly. Whenever I post a new video on YouTube, I will also post the corresponding sermon manuscript here on my website.

In all of my sermons, I use the text of the Holman Christian Standard Bible or HCSB. I had the privilege of serving on the Executive Translation Team of the HCSB for over 8 years in Dallas, TX. You can access the HCSB by clicking on “Resources” above and then click on, which offers free of charge, the HCSB and all other major Bible translations in English and many foreign languages.